13 Bats Spain


Formed in late 2006 in the basement of Vallekas Tattoo Zone in Madrid. The mix of Punk, Rockabilly, and something RnB/Soul give 13 Bats a sound that oozes and fuses old school to early punk …..and more. It’s a mixture of sounds and textures that has now made them an essential band. After several concerts in Madrid to always expanding crowds, Potential Hardcore offered to release their first album which was recorded in the summer of 2008 under the guidance of JM Rosillo, and premiered in 2009 as their debut, self-titled 13 Bats having to reissue the album 3 times, With no manager or any outside help, they start up a tour of 25 gigs rolling through Spain, France and Scotland. Their second album, Punk Physical Therapy is recorded in their own studio and hits the stores in early 2011, it’s an album that winds up sounding more distinctly punk than the former. In February 2013, their third album, La Venganza del Sol(Revenge of the Sun) really began to reflect their particular sound, their singular style, getting that wild union between much more than just Punk, Psycho, and Rock n Roll, that in turn gains the respect of various well known music critics, and the album is deemed one of the best albums of the year in the underground of Spain. In February 2014, the band goes to the US for the first time playing 6 concerts in Southern California; Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego county, where they play in the “Rev it up!”, and places like the House of Blues in San Diego. In September, they share a 4 track - 7” vinyl with a band from Pekin, Rolling Bowling. On the single, an unreleased song, "Globotox" appears, and a live version of “Muck Crank”, a track from their second album. The single is released in China by the record label Genjing, and in Spain by Potential Hardcore. In October, the Madrid City Council selects them amongst 70 other bands to play “Girando por Salas”, a well-paid opportunity to play 4 prominent concerts throughout Spain. Before finishing the year off, they play the venue, Gruta77 in Madrid, and record the concert, 13 Bats live - Out of the cave. It’s their first live album and fourth LP of their discography that truly reveals their stripped-down raunchy basics. In 2017, they return to the recording studio. Next Move is their fourth work, it’s recorded and produced in Audiomatic studios. Soon after, they play a repeated stint in Berlin’s Wild at Heart, and do their 2nd mini tour of Brazil playing the Psycho Carnival in Curitiba and Rock and Beer in Uberlandia. Back in Madrid, a short film, Dead Man's Destiny (written and directed by Dani Bats), is shown in Sala Caracol on May 5. After the show of REBELLION FESTIVAL in Blackpool for the second time, in 2019 and 2020 before the Covid 19 pandemia they tour all around Spain and turn to US playing in the mythical Rainbow in L.A and in Casbah from San Diego and a few places and cities more like Sonora, Hermosilla in Mexico, and open February 2020 in Berlin in Wild at Heart and repeat in Psycho Carnival Brasil. Inside the pandemia 13BATS compose ONCE A PUNK ALWAYS A PUNK and recorded on his own studio Universal Rats Studios mixed with Skyline studios in Madrid and sees the light in September 2021. Now they are recording a 7 inch vinyl for the Japanese record label Evil Stomp Records and preparing tour for EE.UU and Mexico 2022. Dani Bats - Double Bass and Voice Fede - Guitar backing vocals Vitty - Drums backing vocals

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