About GetSongBPM

GetSongBPM is an open source database of beats per minutes (CC BY 4.0).

How do we get the BPMs?

We have multiple tools in our arsenal: tempo recognition scripts (inc. our Chrome Extension), users' inputs/reports, Spotify's API and of course, manual checks.

How to report bad tempos?

You can use the tool provided on song pages (below the BPM), or contact us. Option is unavailable if tempo has been manually checked by one of our team member.

I can't access some songs. Why?

We only archive songs listed on an existing album. Nowadays, it isn't uncommon for singles to be released before an album. When this happens, we give song a temporary "pending album release" status which prevents the creation of a dedicated song page. Song will be archived as soon as the album it is extracted from is released (unless single isn't extracted from any album).

What's the difference between "Top Hits" and Trending songs?

Top hits are the most played songs on Spotify while Trending song are the most viral songs based on social media shares and media exposure.

How to add missing artists?

You can't, unless artist is already listed on MusicBrainz, AND released at least an EP. It is our unique source, and process is automated. Here is how to add an artist to MusicBrainz.

Artist Removal

We rely exclusively on MusicBrainz for artist entries. As a result, you can only request the removal of artists who are not listed on MusicBrainz anymore. Please read their Data Removal Policy.

Cover Art and Photos

Album artworks and artist photos are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners. We do not upload or host any files on our servers. We do, however, cache such content, like Google Search does. Caching is automatic and temporary for the sole purpose of providing a more efficient service. Link to original file is always available at the bottom left (by hovering your mouse over the Ⓒ). Such files are usually hosted at the Cover Art Archive, Wikipedia, Amazon or Spotify.