Luca Turilli (Band) Italy


Luca Turilli is a composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Loving music at 360 degrees, he is constantly engaged in various projects and multiple musical genres, ranging from the piano compositions and the intense and emotional pop / rock of his current productions, to hybrid orchestral film score music and modern progressive rock inspired by artists like QUEEN and DREAM THEATER. Always fascinated by the natural landscapes of our planet, the mysteries of the universe and the spiritual aspect of existence, Luca’s other primary interests are science, psychology and metaphysics. He has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 10 years and what he discovered and experienced thanks to those disciplines is having a fundamental impact on his music and lyrics and is deeply interconnected with his artistic and professional activities. Luca Turilli was born in Trieste, a fascinating Italian town overlooking the Adriatic Sea. At the age of 2, he lost his father, who was a cello player in the town orchestra. Luca inherited from him all the passion and love for classical music, as he used to listen to BACH, BEETHOVEN and many other classical composers on a daily basis early on. In adolescence, he began to be passionate about many other genres, from pop to dance music, from electronic music to world music. At the age of 16, after discovering virtuoso guitar players such as JASON BECKER and MARTY FRIEDMAN, he bought his first electric guitar and started composing his first pop and rock songs. Some years later, after having survived cancer, he started playing piano. Around the same time, he also discovered the world of soundtracks and the music of composers like JOHN WILLIAMS, HANS ZIMMER and ENNIO MORRICONE which soon became one of his main influences. With his various bands and projects he has released 20 albums in 20 years. His albums have entered the charts in Europe, Asia and South America, selling more than one million physical copies. Considered an innovator by a whole generation of musicians, he always tried to blend different musical styles together. Especially when arranging his pop or rock songs, Luca loves to be creative and add his personal touch by mixing symphonic music with electronic and world music elements, a mix that became at all effects his signature sound. In addition to writing music and lyrics, he is also responsible for the orchestral arrangements and sound design. Considering arrangement as a fundamental and one of his favorite parts of the composition process, he created a massive “universal” template for his home studio allowing him to compose and arrange for all music genres and based on the CUBASE software by STEINBERG. His album PROMETHEUS, SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS was the first in music history to be mixed in Dolby Atmos and its music was used by DOLBY and YAMAHA to promote Dolby Atmos technology worldwide. In addition to the activity with his progressive rock band ZERO GRAVITY, Luca is currently working on the debut album of his new band presenting an intense and modern pop / rock sound in the style of some of his favorite artists like MUSE, IMAGINE DRAGONS and ADELE. In 2021, with the piano being one of his favorite instruments, and the upcoming release of his debut piano album entitled EARTHRISE, he also announced his entry into the market of modern and emotional piano. Through his piano activity, Luca will present the original piano playing style he developed in the last years which could be defined as “hybrid” due to the fact that it was influenced by his guitar playing too. As his influences - besides the greatest romantic and late/post-romantic composers like CHOPIN, SCRIABIN and DEBUSSY, he cites contemporary artists such as LUDOVICO EINAUDI, YANN TIERSEN, PHILIP GLASS and YIRUMA.

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